Noisy Cricket II-25: Master of mechs

After a busy day doing day-to-day things, I came home and noticed a small package at my front door. I was ecstatic knowing exactly what I had awaiting for me that┬ánight. Upon opening my box, I found a plastic wrapped container with a Noisy Cricket II inside of it. The plastic container didn’t survive the transit, but the mod most definitely did!

Originally I was intrigued when I heard about this tiny beast because of it’s unique capabilities. I have mech tubes, mech series mods, mech parallel mods, VV mods and of course VW mods. The one thing I haven’t ever really seen around before though is a reasonably priced mod which can be whatever you want it to be. The mod is a drastic improvement from the original Noisy Cricket mod that we all loved (or hated) when it was released. Wismec and Jaybo didn’t only improve upon the looks of the original, they improved on the safety of the device and made a mod which is truly capable of most of the different styles of vaping.

Be warned though, with a mod like this, there are still safety concerns. Make sure you understand ohms law and build appropriate coils if you’re going to be using this in series or parallel mode. Also please please please PLEASE make sure you’re using high amperage batteries. Something like Sony’s VTC5A’s are comfortably capable of pumping out 25amps, with a 2500mah battery life. On the last bit of battery safety, make sure you’re batteries don’t have any tears or mangling on them. Re-wraping is cheap and easy, there’s no excuse to not use properly insulated batteries! The mod will prevent you from firing coils with ohms which are too low in series mode. Also, the mod won’t fire if your atomizer has a short.


Now onto the review. I present to you, the Noisy Cricket II-25.



  • Dual 18650 batteries in series OR parallel, utilizing a plate on the bottom of the battery compartment which allows you to interchange your configuration.
  • Variable voltage series mode, utilizing a uniquely designed potentiometer.
  • Short circuit and low voltage protection.
  • Spring loaded 24mm 510 pin, the body allows for atty’s up to 25mm.
  • Aluminium-zinc alloy body making the mod relatively light.
  • A tapered 25mm to about a 22mm body design.
  • Plastic sleeves inside of the battery compartment.
  • Side button design with LED indicators for different modes and remaining battery life.


  • Just like the original, the mod is small, compact and light. It’s extremely comfortable to hold because of the tapering body design.
  • The button is extremely responsive. The LED’s around the button indicate the battery level (takes a little getting used to) as well as the mode you have set your mod into (VV being an orange light, parallel being a white light, and series also being a white light once you put it into that mode).
  • The different modes of course are absolutely amazing! Build a coil for 0.3 ohms and above? Throw it into series mode. Build a lower ohm coil where you want more battery life? Put it into parallel. Or if you’re not satisfied with either of those two styles, you could put the mod into variable voltage mode and adjust for temperature and taste!
  • VV mode holds the voltage constantly as it should.
  • The price is amazing – I brought this for 40AUD (I’m finding this for around 25 – 30USD).
  • Protection on the mod prevents you from firing coils too low in unregulated series mode.
  • The spring loaded 510 allows for use of almost all available atomizers on the market.
  • Big battery venting slots and plastic coating in the battery bays.
  • No matter the configuration, the battery go in with positive end facing up.


  • There is a learning curve when you get this device. The curve isn’t big, but it’s slightly difficult as the included users manual doesn’t adequately explain how to use the device. I found myself looking at youtube videos to work out how to change between all the different modes.
  • The battery door is tight to slide in. I pushed the door so hard that I managed to bruise the palm of my hand when I tried re-inserting the door. The good news is that with a little wear, the door has got easier to push into place.
  • Some atomizers don’t sit flush on this.
  • The potentiometer might be unique, but it uses a 0 – 100 system on it. 0 is around the 2.7v mark, and 100 is around the 8v mark. I sadly don’t have the equipment to test this, but it was able to try the same atty on other VV mods which gave me a similar vape at those settings.
  • Again with the potentiometer, it’s a little difficult for me to adjust the dial. For those of you with big fingers and decide to get this device, I’d really suggest you to have a pair of tweezers handy if you decide to use this in VV series mode.

The Review:

Overall, this mod can hit as hard or soft as you want it to. If it’s battery life that you want out of your mod, you can set this thing into parallel mode (which is personally my favorite). The series mode isn’t for me with the way that I vape, however the variable voltage mode is absolutely amazing. Because of the VV mode, I’m able to quickly change out my atty to another one, adjust for temp/flavor and vape away happily. ­čÖé

The different LED indicators are great for showing you which mode you’re in.

VV mode:

Series or Parallel Mode:

Setting the mode of the device isn’t too hard. To put this into parallel mode, you just need to flip the bottom plate to the parallel side:

And similarly, for a series configuration (and also the VV configuration), you set the plate so the series side is facing up:

Placing the contact in with the series side up will give you the orange LED indicator under the button. This is VV mode, meaning that your potentiometer is the way that you control your device from here. If you want to run your device in series mode, fast-tap the power button five times to turn it off. Now you need to hold the power button in for around 10 seconds. The power button will flash a few times with the white light. Now you can turn the mod back on with five fast-taps and presto! You’re running the Noisy Cricket II in pure series mode!

Just be warned though, I had a 0.18 ohm set of dual fused clapton coils on top of the Noisy Cricket II when I had it in series mode… and it did fire. The vape was unbearably hot and completely caught me off guard. From what I have experienced, the mod won’t allow you to fire things lower than around the 0.12 ohm range (It might be a 0.1 ohm range) in series mode. Please┬áDO NOT build this low if you’re wanting to run a series configuration. At least make your builds run from 0.3 ohms or higher.


My only real gripes about this mod however are the tight battery door, and the slight gap that some atomizers have to them. I personally like having my atomizers sitting completely flush on the deck, however that sadly isn’t possibly for my OG Recoil RDA.

Overall though, this mod definitely packs a solid punch when you want it to! The construction, the uniqueness, and most importantly, the comfortable form factor quickly made this mod a daily use device. For it’s price, I’d say it’s an excellent piece of authentic kit for vapers on a budget!


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