Using TCR on your DNA mod


Regarding the Divine Crossing v5 Prototype Rebuildable Concentrate Heater,

Many user have reported great results using TCR 180, as per Matt’s suggestion.

There are others who have preferred other TCR values for their v5.

Here I’ll explain how to add a TCR value to your DNA mod.

I’ll begin by saying that some users using 510 extension cables are NOT able to use a DNA device for their V5 using the cable.

DNA devices are quite sensitive and picky about their temperature control (TC) calculations, and will kick into wattage mode if the resistance etc gets a bit too ‘wonky’.

So here’s how to set TCR on your DNA device:


You’ll need a current version of Escribe, and a DNA75c, 250c, or 100c box mod with current firmware (the International version firmware, in the case of 75c’s).

Those with DNA100c mods should follow the steps below the video in this post to see how to add DNA100c to their Escribe software.

Start Escribe. Connect your mod to your pc (I have only done this on windows). Hit ‘OK’ when it recognizes the mod. Let it download the mod settings. Go to the “file” tab, then “save”. Name and save it (the saved file is your current configuration backup).

Now, hit “materials”. You should have “Available Materials” and “Materials on Device” boxes. Hit the “+” button below the “Available Materials” box. In the “Available Materials” box you now have “unnamed”. Highlight it.



Name your material according to your preference in both of the provided boxes. Hit the “Actions” box (lower right corner of the graph screen you should have now). Select “Temperature Coefficient of Resistance” etc and enter 0.00180 for TCR 180, or, 0.00175 for TCR 175, etc. Note that a default of TCR 600 is entered. This reads as 0.006 in DNA-speak. Now, using the right “>” button, push your custom TCR material from “Available Materials” to “Materials on Device”.

Go to the “General” tab, then select the “Profile” you’ll use with the custom goods. Using the tcr 180 (0.00180), or whichever TCR you’ve set- (from top of screen down) enter a new name, set the power you want for a default (we advise staying below 38 watts and 500F), turn off boost/punch/preheat , turn off replay (unless you know what it is and want it with TC).

Select your custom material from the coil material drop down.


Then click “Upload Settings to Device”, then click “Disconnect”, and remove the USB cord from your DNA device.

You’ve done it ! Enjoy your v5 on your DNA device ! ☺️


Thanks to u/Olde7 on Reddit for helping make this clear !




*To customize your DNA100c with Escribe, you will need this file (Escribe 2.0 SP27) or newer:

-For US-based customers (Windows):
-For international based customers (Windows):
-For customers using Linux, see the beta thread.
-MacOS version to follow…

With Escribe installed, but not active, simply run this file to update your Escribe. Then run Escribe, and your DNA100c is now able to be customized !







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