Uni 5 recipe


“Uni 5 by The Vapor Ninja”

A recipe crafted in November 2021

This is a recipe with strawberries, creams, custard, and an optional dash of graham cracker.

The finished result after mixing should be left to age for a minimum of 30 days.

The following are different ways to look at the same recipe:


1. ELR version



These recipes were formulated using a Titan V2 RDTA on mechanical HOG XL, with

Alien (28g) (Stainless Steel) in series configuration to equal approx .50Ω.

Coil Specs: 3×28/36 SS Leads: Standard Inner Diameter: 3mm Wraps: 6 Resistance: .18Ω

when wired in dual parallel configuration, and without trimming leads or firing.





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