Evolv Cricket SALE

    This is the Evolv Cricket only, without the additional accessories, and some tiny blemishes/scratches. HOWEVER, you can use code NINJAPUCKS to get yourself some free pucks with your purchase ! This is your chance to save about $100 …..

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The Evolv Cricket

    The Evolv Cricket   So how about a vaping mod for concentrates that is MADE IN THE USA, is easy to use, and delivers massive vapor production ? Sounds like the Evolv Cricket, the dab/concentrate/extract mod with a …..

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The Crossing Tech mini HDT

  The Crossing Tech mini HDT…. Heated Dab Tool. Many of us have had a certain experience with loading our ‘dabs’ (cannabis concentrate) into our cups on the V5, Core 2.0, V4, etc… where the dab won’t come off the …..

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The Divine Tribe Cub

  Divine Tribe has released a new atomizer/cleaning station to their awesome lineup of products. The Cub is both a concentrate atomizer and cleaning tool for the Core 2.0, in one. Since the Core 2.0 came out, users had the …..

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Swedish flavor ban stopped

    The Swedish Social Affairs Committee does not want to ban flavoring in e-cigarettes. This means that the proposition most likely won’t pass in parliament. Instead of banning e-cigarette flavors, the committee wants to make it a criminal offense …..

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Imagine researchers develop a pill that prevents cancer, heart and lung disease. Side-effects include increased focus, attention and memory, and reduced stress and anxiety. Because of these side-effects, the pills are dependence-forming… and some teens start to use them… The …..

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    Let’s snap on some rubber gloves and sort out just some of the hot garbage that UC San Francisco dumped on the public curb this evening. First up, the corrupt funding. This study is part of a grant …..

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The Hammer Of God XL

  The Hammer Of God XL This BEAST of a mod is available NOW from the folks at Vaperz Cloud ! This Hammer Of God XL is a mechanical (‘mech’) mod, operating at a top voltage of 8.4 . Taking …..

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Posted by HEATHER DESPRES, originally posting this article here. The issue of adulterants in cannabis vape products has once again resurfaced as the Pennsylvania Office of Medical Marijuana issued a notice to medical cannabis patients on February 4, 2022 advising them of a recall …..

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The Core 2.0 eRig for concentrates

    Crossing Tech and Divine Tribe have delivered the ultimate portable concentrate heating device, the Core 2.0 ! This device is for heating concentrates, it is not for nicotine delivery. Utilizing the same cup as the Divine Crossing v5 Rebuildable …..

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