NFE Team closes their site

    NFE Team, the creators of Arctic Fox / Red Panda firmware for many older vape mods, has shut their site down. The limited number of mods that were able to have their firmware modified became increasingly few over …..

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Items for the Evolv Cricket

    … the picture doesn’t do them justice. I’m talking about the tether for the Cricket‘s top and also the wooden stand. They look and feel so much better in real life, and come in really handy ! So, …..

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Evolv Cricket SALE

    This is the Evolv Cricket only, without the additional accessories, and some tiny blemishes/scratches. HOWEVER, you can use code NINJAPUCKS to get yourself some free pucks with your purchase ! This is your chance to save about $150 …..

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The Evolv Cricket

    The Evolv Cricket   So how about a vaping mod for concentrates that is MADE IN THE USA, is easy to use, and delivers massive vapor production ? Sounds like the Evolv Cricket, the dab/concentrate/extract mod with a …..

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The Crossing Tech mini HDT

  The Crossing Tech mini HDT…. Heated Dab Tool. Many of us have had a certain experience with loading our ‘dabs’ (cannabis concentrate) into our cups on the V5, Core 2.0, V4, etc… where the dab won’t come off the …..

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The Divine Tribe Cub

  Divine Tribe has released a new atomizer/cleaning station to their awesome lineup of products. The Cub is both a concentrate atomizer and cleaning tool for the Core 2.0, in one. Since the Core 2.0 came out, users had the …..

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