The Hammer Of God LE by Vaperz Cloud



The HOG LE……

The Hammer Of God series by Vaperz Cloud is well-known for its commitment to high quality materials and design.

The HOG LE is most certainly no exception.

This is a “Mech Mod”, meaning, there is no chip with its fancy reverse-polarity protection, under-voltage protection, high temperature shut-off, et cetera, et cetera. No electronics, no screen. A direct metal connection from the battery to the tank, or maybe an RDA, or whatever 510-equipped device you may have !!

Being a ‘Mech’ there are no safety protections. so, it’s highly advised that only a professional vape enthusiast who knows Ohm’s Law and battery safety requirements should operate this mod.

Now, onto what makes the HOG line so great, especially the LE version which we’re reviewing here.

The HOG LE uses four 18650 batteries in 2S2P (2 series, 2 parallel) configuration. This means the voltage is doubled (8.4 volts when charged) and double the mAh, or battery life.

Do take care when you do your Ohm’s Law math that you are working with 8.4 volts, not 4.2 .

This is the HOG XL‘s little brother. Fits in the hand really nicely. It also takes a 40mm tank or RDA with zero overhang !

The top plate is opaque, as is the bottom battery door. The firing button is perfectly clear, revealing the copper firing pin.

The build quality is superb. The firing button action is resustant enough to not activate in your pocket, but easy enough to press for a vape. It sits flush with the mod.


Parallel – Series Circuit

Anodized Aluminum Body Construction

Silver Plated Copper Internals

Bottom Loading Battery Tray

Classic Small Compact Design

Yes Vaperz Cloud did it right wiht the LE. Recently re-issued, they are a welcomed mod by professional vapers.

I really enjoy vaping with yet another brilliant mod in the Hammer Of God family of mods !

Let see some images :





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