Dovpo Riva DNA 250c review


Dovpo has just released a brand new mod, called the Riva.

Featuring dual 18650 batteries (not included) and the Evolv DNA250c chip, this zinc-alloy and leather mod is pretty stunning.

Vapers familiar with the Odin250c mod will no doubt recognize the configuration of the controls.

It’s kind of like a mini version of the Odin mods without the immense venting.

Another difference is that the body of the Riva is a zinc alloy, unlike the Odin which is made from aluminum.

Therefore, the Riva is much lighter than the Odin, besides the fact that it’s much smaller.

Here’s a size comparison:



There’s the Riva 250c on the left, and the Odin 250c on the right.

The Riva features the Evolv DNA250c chip, well-known for it’s accurate temperature control performance. It’s also customizable with Escribe Software which runs on either Windows or Mac.


The Evolv DNA250c chip, is, in a word, amazing.

I’m not going to explain how to use all the features in this article, but I can tell you that it’s very customizable thru the computer.

The chip (mod) comes with VW/ TC(Ni, Ti, SS)/ Replay modes. You can add TCR values by adding a ‘new metal/material’ with the Escribe software.

The Riva fits really nicely in the hand. Good feel. No rattling. Lightweight.

Here are the specifcations:


The Riva weighs 151 grams without batteries. This is a dual 18650 mod.

The colors it comes in are Silver Vintage Brown, Silver Plain Cognac, Silver Rough Dark Brown, Gunmetal Pure Gunmetal, Gunmetal Vintage Brown, Gunmetal Raw Sand, Black Birday Black, Black Vintage Brown, and Black Pure Black.

Here the are:



Here are some more images:


Back of Gun Metal Vintage Brown style, next to the Gun Metal Raw Sand model.


Gun Metal Back. Vintage brown on left, Gun Metal Raw Sand on right.


Front of the Riva.


The Riva with a Uwell Crown 4 tank. The tank diameter is 25mm.




I’d say the biggest pros are what I’ve already covered, it fits nicely in the hand, has an awesome chip, great battery door. The leather is a very nice touch, and zinc alloy always works well.

The cons… are limited to one to one basic gripe, and that is, why doesn’t this mod have a USB-C charge/firmware port ?

This is 2021, with a brand new modern mod, I don’t see why we don’t have USB-C on all new mods. Come on.

All in all I’m quite happy with my Riva.

Purchase your Riva now ! (click here.)


The bottom of the Riva, showing battery door.


Purchase your Riva by clicking here.





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  • Thx for making compare fotos of vintage bown and raw sand color. I’ve for such fotos. The studio-fotos don’t show the color difference much.

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