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The Odin 250c mod


G’day vapers !

To celebrate Australia’s recent WIN in postponing their attempted nicotine ban, and to feature a great still-newish mod (heh), we bring you the Odin 250c mod review !

So I was looking for a dual 21700 battery mod that had a decent chip. I’ve already been a fan of the Vaping Bogan, Vaperz Cloud, and Dovpo, so the Odin 250c mod seemed like a great choice.

Indeed it was. The DNA 250c chip that comes with mod is great, the build of the mod is great, and the battery life … is awesome.

This is not the world’s smallest mod. It has to hold two 21700 batteries, the chip, the body, and they wanted it to fit a 30mm atomizer without overhang.

Voila ! In comes the Odin 250c mod, a collaboration of Vaping Bogan, Vaperz Cloud, and Dovpo, featuring the Evolv DNA 250c chip, using Escribe software.

I’ll show you how I have the screens set up.

The screen layout is able to be customized, I’ve uploaded my own images and layout to the mod:


DNA 250c customized screens


I’ve owned the mod for two weeks now and it’s performing wonderfully.

The DNA chip series is world renown for its temperature control accuracy. The Escribe software allows one to adjust many settings in your mod. Allows for new metals to be added (this is how you add a TCR value), replay mode to be enabled, so many different adjustments.

The mod (chip) comes with 8 preset modes which you can alter to your preference. The DNA 250c chip also comes with Replay Mode, which basically analyzes the changes your coil goes thru as you vape, and then if you engage it, replays that exact vaping performance.

So when you get that perfect vape, you can engage the Replay Mode and get that perfect puff every time. Very nice. I find myself using it quite often.

I recommend you read the MANUAL for Escribe from Evolv, as I’m not going to fully explain the workings of the chip in this article.

So the mod will take a 30mm atomizer with ease, here’s the Odin 250c with a 28mm Ctrown IV:


The Odin 250c mod with a 28mm Crown IV


So, as you can see, a 30mm would fit with a hair to spare !

The Odin 250c isn’t the smallest, but not the bigesst mod either, considering what it’s got under the hood.

Speaking of the hood, lets take a look at the battery door.

The battery door feels nice and solid and like it’ll last a long time. It’s a break from the recent production of mods with lever-release doors. This one has a solid piece on a hinge with a nice self-locking mechanism.

Let’s take a look:


The Odin 250c battery door


Everything about this mod says quality.

Nice click-y fire button with a good travelling distance. Fits well in the hand, yeah, it’s a little large compared to what I’m used to (18650 mods or Evdilo), but I got used to it very quickly.

I got the black model. It’s not a shiny black, more of a matte black. Does not hold fingerprints or smudges.

Sure, the mod’s a little heavy, because it’s solid built, and has two 21700 batteries in it.

So, let’s look at the specs (click image for larger view):


Specifications for the Odin 250c


I’m really enjoying this mod, and it’s become my main daily driver.

I have other mods that, in my opinion, have a better appearance… but they aren’t dual 21700 mods. So I’ve been on this Odin 250c mainly.

Let’s have a look at the top before we wrap it up:


The top of the Odin 250c


So, normally, I’d have a spot for pros and cons right here but I just don’t have any cons for this mod, and I’ve gone over all the pros already.

I highly recommend this mod, I believe in supporting the people involved, and I think we need to show the vape developers that this is the kind of mod we want, 2-4 21700’s, DNA chip, and great build quality.

I am currently on the fence as to which I like better, between Arctic Fox/Red Panda (a 3-rd party firmware for certain mods) and Escribe. However both offer a wide range of ability to customize your mod.

The software for this mod, Escribe, is intuitive and easy to use. It can get complicated also, for advanced users. However all the advanced options are tucked away so you won’t easily mess things up TOO badly, heh.

In conclusion, I”ll say I’ve gotten may compliments on the look of the mod. I feel no need to be super cautious with it, it’s not a fragile mod. I expect a good long life from it.

To get YOUR Odin 250c mod for a very decent price, CLICK HERE !




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