The Evolv Cricket



The Evolv Cricket


So how about a vaping mod for concentrates that is MADE IN THE USA, is easy to use, and delivers massive vapor production ?

Sounds like the Evolv Cricket, the dab/concentrate/extract mod with a battery and chip included.

It’s got a sleek design, is very pocket friendly, and has all u need for an on-the-go, or, home use adventure !

Evolv, the company that makes the infamous DNA chips designed for accurate temperature control, has now created their own cannabis extract vaping unit.

The seriousness of this device is gently cradled by a simple user experience. No need for much adjustment on this one. Aside from on-cap and off-cap temperatures, this is ready and willing to provide a very fine job with the easiest of use.

One can adjust further settings with Escribe, the software for DNA chipped mods. There you can adjust wattage as well as temperature.

Using the Cricket

There are two temperatures to set. One is for melting your material in the cup prior to use. That is adjusted with the up and down buttons (left and right of the firing button) with the cap off. I suggest about 170 F, which is about 76 C. You can use Escribe to switch from farenheit to celsius.

The other temperature to set is the main firing temperature. If you are experienced with other vaping systems for concentrates using temperature settings, I say go up higher than what you’re used to. My setting ranges from 420 F to 520 F, which is about 215 C to 271 C.

I’ve left the wattage alone at its preset level of 50 watts. It does perform well at lower wattages however.

I like a heavy hit, so, take that into account when copying my settings. You may like a much more gradual, gentler hit, in which case, dial down.

The cap piece has a strong magnet to keep it securely on the mod. The vapor path is glass, there’s a small piece of glass that gets inserted into the mouthpiece, should u decide to clean it out. Refer to Evolv’s site for cleaning videos.

This apparatus is sturdily built, in the USA, completely, including the chip. The body is made out of stainless steel, and it has a carbon fiber face plate.

The bucket on the Cricket cools off exceptionaly fast, excellent for pocketing shortly after use !

Updating the Cricket

If you can use Escribe, Evolv’s customization software/firmware updater, you can upload the newest firmware to your Cricket.

In Escribe, go to Tools, then select Apply Service Pack. Select the option for Cricket, and then select the firmware to apply to the device.

After this update, you will have two more options at your disposal.

One is, you can hit the fire (middle) button and the “+” button (right) for two seconds, which will give u the option to increase the heat-up time. Increasing this number can minimize your need to pre-melt with the cap off.

The other option you will get is ‘calibration’. Pressing both “+” (right) and “-” (left) buttons will bring you to this screen. This is done on a cold tub and takes approx. 60 seconds to complete. Myself, I experienced a much denser vapor after doing this. Do this if you need to replace your titanium tub, and, after first receiving the device.

If you need the file, it’s here.

Cricket details

The mod is quite heavy, weighing in at 177 grams. A good solid chunk of sturdy metal.

It has usb-c charging, and it’s also for hooking up to your computer for using Escribe software.

The battery lasts me most of the day, which is impressive. I’m not sure exactly what kind of battery is in it, other than it’s an 850mAh LiPo. Not sure about its specs though.

The mod has a slim body. It measures 11.6 centimeters (116 mm) tall with the mouthpiece, 4 centimeters across (40 mm), with a depth of 1.1 centimeters (11 mm).

That’s 4.5 inches tall, 1.6 inches across, and 0.4 inches deep.

It’s pocket friendly, and even comes with dab stash container and dab tool, held in with a magnet (see pics below).

The bucket is made out of  grade 9 etched and deoxidized titanium.

The vapor itself comes out beautiful and smooth. They really crafted a smooth vapor experience with this. Impressive.

Pros and cons

The pros to this machine are all those listed above. It’s a real pleasure to use.

There aren’t many cons to mention, but one is, this mod employs a non-replaceable battery. If it fails within a year, Evolv will replace the battery. After a year has gone by, you can get the battery replaced for approximately $40 with free return shipping.

One thing you should note is to NOT OVERLOAD the bucket. This takes a very small helping of concentrates. If you overload it, you will get material stuck into the mouthpiece.

Use a maximum BB sized piece of concentrate into the trough. You know, those round copper pellets used in air guns.  The manual has an image of the size of a BB, just in case you aren’t familiar with those.

The other thing to note is, one must PRE-MELT the material before putting the cap on and inhaling. Draw gentle and slow for maximum vapor density, and, not sucking up your material into the mouthpiece.


Personally, I really like this thing. Here are some images:












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