Starship Triple Vape Cartridge and Concentrate Heater




Hamilton Devices brings you…. the Starship.

Designed in California, this powerful little device can do 3 vape cartridges at once, or 3 coils of concentrate, or, a combo of each !

The top is glass, with a carb. The bottom of the unit has an intake adjustment. So you hold the carb closed and draw, then release to clear the chamber.

The Starship features an internal 1450mAh battery, recharged in 1.5 hours from completely drained. The battery does last a long time. How long it lasts varies, of course, depending how often it’s used.

It has 3 power levels, that is, 3.4 volts, 3.7 volts, and 4.2 volts… which is, low, medium, and high.

The power level is changed by clicking the fire button rapildy 3 times, and the color of each level will appear in the ring. This is common these days on many devices.

Blue level will be low, 3.4v, purple will be 3.7v. medium, and red wil be 4.2v, high. I recommend using the lowest level, perhaps the medium level, for cartridges, red is in the area of using the concentrate cups.

Also, one can fire rapidly twice to get auto-fire mode. It will fire for 7 seconds.

Yes, this device can do 3 cartridges, but it can also do 1 or 2. There are plugs included (See below images) to cap off the unused ports, so that you get proper air restriction.

Another feature of the Starship is the included concentrate ‘cups’, for vaping your own concentrate without a cartridge.

The dab coils actually work quite well ! I wouldn’t have thought a low power device could heat up enough for concentrates, but they do quite a good job !

This is a power hitter, not for the timid ! The delivery of the vapor is quite strong.

I recommend this Starship, it’s not only a great conversation piece, it is actually a really decent vape !

See the images below to check out the Starship !

Available here at Hamilton Devices.

The cartidges shown were obtained from Sol De Mendocino.



Showing the bubbler 14mm attachment on the Starship


Showing the Starship using 1 cartdige and 2 plugs.


Showing the three concentrate cups on the Starship.


Showing th.e Starship with three dab cups and the bubbler attachment.


The Vapor Ninja experimenting with the Starship.






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