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A user on the FC Forum asked about a presentation showing the different iterations of Divine Tribe‘s atomizer releases, in cooperation with Crossing Tech. So here’s a BRIEF overview of the products they’ve launched to date.

We’ll begin around 2012, when Divine Tribe primarily sold a wide array of coils for what we used 10 years ago, simple wire that heats up and attempts to vape your extracts.

Here’s his selection of coils in 2012:

Coils, anyone ?

Divine Tribe definitely cornered the market with this great assortment of coils !

Then, around 2013/2014 the first “V” series atomizer was release, the v2.5 !


The V 2.5




This V2.5 was cloned by many companies, not the least of which was Atmos, who called it the “kiln”.

This was my go-to vape device for extracts back 10 years ago !

See my reviews on it here and here.

The Dry Herb atomizer came out a year later, but we’re only covering extract atomizers in this article.

So, then came the rebuildable version of the V2.5/2.7 :


The V3.5


The V3.5 is a rebuildable V2.5, essentially. As with the V2.5, the extracts are placed directly onto the ceramic heater.

As you might expect, this had many drawbacks. There was the V3, V3.7, etc., bacially the same beast with slight tweaks.

Then, came the ever-popular and innovative device, the V4 !


The V4




This, again, was made in partnership with Crossing Tech.

It features that same style of ceramic heater we saw in the V2.5, but it’s used underneath the cup as a heater.

The V4 first came with a quartz cup, click there to see the review.

Then came the titanium cup, followed by the silicon carbide (SIC) cup, which was very affordable for this material that was new to the market.

There were a few glass bubblers introduced, check this site for reviews and images of those.

Then we have the Quest….


The SIC Quest



The Quest was originally only available in quartz, then upgraded to silicon carbide.

I no longer have the original Quest, and did not do a review on it. It has been discontined in favor of the SIC version. You can see my review for the SIC Quest here.

The Quest employs two heated rods that go inside the cup. Great device.

Then, another innovative approach took shape with the V5.


The V5


The V5 is something completely new for the V series of atomizers, the heating wires are embeded into the cup.

The wires are on the sides as well as the bottom, creating even heat in its wide cup.

The cup is made from Al2O3 (Aluminum Oxide, Alumina) ceramic.

For more information about the V5, click here.

The final release as of this post, are the side-heated lightning cups.


Side-Heated Lightning cups for the SIC Quest



The lightning cups are heated by embedded wire inside of an Alumina cup, same as the V5, but only the sides are heated.

Also, the shape of the cup is considerably taller and narrower than the V5.

Producing enormous hits, it fits its best onto SIC Quest atomizer.

To find out more, see my review here.


A great company, and a great owner.

Located in Humboldt County, California, Divine Tribe has incredible customer service. Any problems can be addressed by the owner and founder himself, Matt. He’s very accessible.

So I hope that satisfied the request for a ‘recap’ of some of Divine Tribe’s releases over the past 10 years.

Happy vaping !






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