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Divine Tribe has released their final version of the Divine Crossing v5 Rebuildable Concentrate Heater, for heating cannabis concentrates.

For those of you familiar with the Tribe’s “V” series of concentrate heaters, like the Divine Crossing v4 Polished Silicon Carbide Cup Rebuildable Concentrate Heater, you will be mighty impressed by the upgrades. For any and all, this V5 is quite interesting.

The first thing that sets this V5 apart from DT’s other cup/bucket systems, is the fact that rather than the cup being heated from a coil or ceramic heater from underneath, this V5 has the coil wires embedded into the cup material itself.

This provides the material with evenly distributed heating, including the sides of the cup. For vaping concentrates, this is a win-win.

The V5 is a 510-compatible device, which means, you’re going to have to use a 510 battery mod, like many used for ecigs. You can look at Divine Tribe‘s site to find one.

So, I will straight up say off the bat that this V5 is amazing. It really takes my concentrates to a new level. The heating is great, the taste of my concentrates with it is so vibrant and full.

Let’s get down to … what this V5 is. (See below for images.)

The cup is made from Al2O3 (Aluminum Oxide, Alumina) ceramic. For the information on the alumina ceramic, see: .The spacer is made from  Zirconia. The embedded coil is tungsten, with high temp tungsten slurry solder, on nickel leads.

The cup is sealed with a high temp 1300°c ceramic glaze. Here is some info about ceramic glazes: .  For those wondering, this particular glaze is lead free to start with. Here is a ROHS report on the glaze used:釉料ROHS报告.pdf . There is a picture on the 8th page with a large glob of glaze, when the glaze is that thick the color will appear grey. Divine Tribe only uses a thin layer, so the glaze on the V5 crucible looks lighter and more transparent.

The base is made from stainless steel, the o-rings are silicone. The cap features a vortex air intake, forcing air into the bowl. It’s made from stainless steel and glass.

So. On to using your V5 !

I have found a TCR setting of 180 works well for me, at 36 watts, around 400-460° F. Some folks in the beta group have varied the TCR some, from 165-215, with varying results. See the Cotton Test below. To see how to set your DNA mod to a TCR reading, see here: . For Arctic Fox mods, you can set it right from the menu options. For all other mods, well, gee. There are quite a few mods out there doing TCR values in their own ways, some will want 0.0180, some will want 0.00180, and some wil just want 180.

To use wattage, try TC mode set on Ni (nickel) at 36w  on 210°-240°f F.

Your cup should register between .41 and .52 resistance value, If it’s far off from that, check all your connections and re-test.

I always remind people that every mod is slightly different, and everyone’s tastes/preferences are also different. Feel free to experiment a bit, but keep your wattage under 38.

The Cotton Test

Here’s one tip regarding the decision on your TCR/temp, using 35-37 watts. Cotton singes at 470°F to a light gold color. You can set the mod to 470°f, fire until the temp indicated stops rising, and, while continuing to fire, touch the tip of a cotton swab to the bottom of the heater for 10 seconds or so. Then look at the swab tip – if it’s still white, increase your TCR value slightly and re-test. If it’s darker than light gold, decrease slightly the TCR value and re-test. Your ideal TCR will give a light gold color.

This is a LAYGO device, Load As You Go. Do not overfill the cup. In my opinion, it works best with a small amount of material, taking two strong pulls with bubbler and it’s finished.  DO BE CAREFUL about burning yourself on the cup, it takes a bit to cool off.

The V5 is a rebuildable device, meaning, once the cup eventually wears out, it can be replaced.

What can I say, this V5 gives me incredible flavor and vapor production. This is the so far the pinnacle of Divine Tribe’s concentrate heater series. Check below for more images.

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