The Divine Tribe SIC Quest



Divine Tribe has released a new product, known as the SIC Quest.

The SIC Quest is a temperature controlled heater similar to the Quartz Quest in design, but featuring a unique SIC (SIlicone Carbide) cup.

The SIC material is truly, in my opinion, one of the finest (and latest) materials to heat concentrates with. Easy clean-up, efficient heating of the material, great taste, and very sturdy.

The SIC cup is heated by a unique coil system which employs two bored out cynlinder shaped holes in the SIC cup iteself, where the coils are housed.

The SIC Quest’s pre-installed SIC concentrate cup comes pre-installed, the unit is ready to go.

The coils inside the unit are replaceable, however you should be able to go 8 months to a year , or more, without replacing the coils. That’s with daily use.

The SIC Quest comes with a glass top / mouthpiece that also has a 14mm male frosted hyrdo-adapter for something like the Hubble Bubble.

Let’s have a look:



There it is, as it comes out of the box.

You’ll notice the vortex air intakes above the cup, these jets help direct and ‘vortex’ the incoming air, helping to completely and efficiently extract all the best from your concentrates.

Here’s a shot of the SIC cup without the glass top :



The SIC Quest is a great alternative to torch / banger setups.

I’m using a mod with Arctic Fox firmware (RX2 20700) with it set on

400F / 40w / TCR 300 , finding information on Arctic Fox can be found on Divine Tribe‘s site.

So now here’s some info from Divine Tribe on how to use your SIC Quest:

Instructions For Setup/Use/Maintenance

Replacement Parts and Accessories


The SIC Quest is an extremely affordable option for heating concentrates with a silicone carbide cup.

Click here to get your SIC Quest !




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