Lightning Pen Stainless Steel Diffuser for Concentrates



Lightning Pen Stainless Steel Diffuser for Concentrates


So Divine Tribe has released yet another new design, in collaboration with Crossing Tech, the lightning pen !

This lightning pen uses similar technology as the Lightning Cups we reviewed on this site.

This pen is a handy pen-style way to get your concentrates atomized. The cups are made of Al2O3 (Aluminum Oxide, Alumina) ceramic. For the information on the alumina ceramic, see: .

These Alumina cups have tungsten wires embedded into the sides of the cup, providing quick and even heating.

The inside of the cups are sealed with a high temp 1300°c ceramic black glaze.

Here is some info about ceramic glazes: .  For those wondering, this particular glaze is lead free to start with. Here is a ROHS report on the glaze used:釉料ROHS报告.pdf .

With this lighting pen, the cup’s diameter measures just over 0.5 cm, or, 0.197 inches, just a bit under 1/4 inch. It’s 10mm, or, 0.3937 inches tall.

The pen comes with a 900 mAh internal battery, charged with a usb-c connection. There are three power/heat levels, adjusted by clicking the fire button rapidly 3 times.

There are 3 lights indicating power level and they light while firing. Two rapid clicks enters ‘auto-fire’ or ‘session mode’, which allows you 15 seconds of run time without the need to hold the firing button, or ‘pulse’ it, like many pens on the market.

I find level 2 is plenty powerful enough for my concentrates, and the 15 second run time in auto-fire/session mode is plenty enough to have my fill of it.

This lightning pen is the smallest portable ceramic crucible style pen on the market. As I’ve covered in previous articles, using the Alumina ceramic material provides one with the best flavor and utilization available.

Unlike the V5, the lightning cups are side-heated only, which aids in rapid and even heating.

Let me tell you, this pen delivers quite a blast of flavor and strength. Objectively, at the moment, this is the pen-style concentrate heater one can get.

This device’s mouthpiece fits perfectly into either Hubble Bubble, the Hydratube, and any other 14mm female socket !

There are a few cons for some users, perhaps. That would be the maintenance. It’s not bad, but be advised you should clean the o-rings and cap fairly often. This is because the material once atomized begins to rapidly cool upon the metal housing. There’s a lot of vapor coming out of that little cup.

The neat thing about the lightning pen SS diffuser is that the base is removable from the battery ‘mod’, and is fitted with a ‘510’ receptacle, the size most all mods use to connect atomizers to their power source. The pen battery is quite handy, though. Should you want another one, they will be availble. However, it’s also ‘510’ fitted.

What this means is, you can, if you wish, run this device on a regular mod. Don’t throw this entire pen away if the coil burns out, either. It’s rebuild-able, and the cups are expected to be inexpensive once they arrive in about 30 days time.

If you decide to use this on a normal mod device, There are two options. One is just using wattage mode, and I’d say 22 watts is about level 1 on the pen, 24 watts is level 2, nad 26 watts is like level 3. The other option is to run this in TC (Temperature Control) Mode. Set the mod for TCR 130 at roughly 25 watts, and 420 F.  The temperature can be adjusted to increase or decrease the heat applied, but I’d recommend staying under 26 watts.


I have found the lightning pen to require good attention to cleaning it. The o-rings should be wiped, and the cap cleaned once you see the cap no longer goes on and off the battery easily.

The need for cleaning will be GREATLY reduced if you ‘hit’ this device slowly and gently, to avoid splashing.

This is a very small cup, it will only hold 1 or 2 uses worth, and be finished. It’s meant for economy use and on-the-go, quick use.

Let the cup cool down before you add more. This won’t take long, as the Alumina ceramic cools down fairly quickly.

DO be careful to avoid touching the cup when it’s hot, it reaches temperatures of up to 600 °F / 315 °C !

Cleaning is easily done. The cup is just large enough to get a q-tip to squish into it. Wipe after use if there is any concentrate left. Otherwise, I found that most of the time the cup was dry and clean after use.

The deep cleaning is done by running it at level 3 for 15-20 second intervals, while cooling it between each heating for at LEAST 15 seconds, up to 30 is better. This will clean the sides and interior.


This really is the best pen-style concentrate heater on the market as of the publishing of this piece.

I enjoy using it, it’s very solid, it’s rebuild-able thereby reducing waste, and versatile.

(PRO tip: Use your V4/V5 drip tip mouthpiece on your Stainless Steel Lightning Diffuser !)










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