E-Cigarette malfunctions


We’ve all heard of malfunctioning ‘E-Cigs’ exploding or catching fire in people’s pockets.

Most of these incidents, when investigated, have similar causes: battery fail.

We here at The Vapor Ninja always encourage you to buy the best batteries you can. These will only vape a gas and not a rocket of flame, or firey explosion. We also encourage you to ONLY use ‘mech’ mods if you are a professional user.

Some caution is required, however, with the right batteries, you can be sure that IF they short, you won’t be burned by flames.

Here’s 2 of the latest incidents with exploding e-cigs:


Some incidents involve batteries carried loose in pockets with keys as well.

Unless a journalist/news story shows us the equipment used, the backstory, and brand names, we can never know for sure. They usually don’t include these things.

We hope that EVERYONE STAYS SAFE OUT THERE and pays attention to battery safety. Don’t try to save a few bucks on your batteries. Get real brands, and proper amp limits for your application.

Coming soon: Battery Safety Information.



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