Lost Vape Centaurus Review

The Lost Vape Centaurus with DNA 250C chip.

Well !

Today we review the Lost Vape Centaurus, with the DNA 250C chip.

The first thing about this mod is its striking appearance.

I got the New Zealand Abalone version with the pearl fish leather, gun metal finish, and gosh, she’s beautiful.

Top of the Lost Vape Centaurus mod.


That shows the mod with the Crown IV atomizer on it, which I believe is 28mm.

I’ll show you another image of it here:


The Centaurus with the Crown IV atmoizzer.


So, how does it vape ?

If you’re familiar with the DNA chip series, you know its accuracy and ease of customization.

If not, I’ll briefly explain it a bit.


The Evolv company has created the DNA chipset. With Escribe software, you can use your PC or Mac to adjust and customize your vape’s settings and performance.

Simple download the Escribe software here, and read the manual on how to use it.

Or, just check it out and figure it out. It’s pretty easy and intuitive. Mostly. You can get quite complicated with it if you desire.

DNA chips are world renown for their accuracy, especially regarding temperature control.

The mod comes with presets that are of course adjustable with the Escribe software.

The Centaurus comes with Watts, Replay, SS 316, SS 430, Titanium, Nickel 200, and Watt Boost.

Here’s an image of the screens, I’ve uploaded custom images, the mod comes with black background out of the box.


The DNA 250C screens on the Lost Vape Centaurus.


The temperature control performance is truly wonderful.

The Lost Vape Centaurus also features a “Replay Mode” from Evolv, which measure all the parameters and changes the coil goes thru as you hit your vape, and records them. So that when you get that perfect vape, you toggle Replay Mode, and it will vape again and again, making sure the coil goes thru the same measurements.

Very handy. I’ve customized it so that I can use Replay Mode on SS 316, and, lemme tell ya, it’s great.

Replay mode does not work on kanthal or nichrome coils, as they do not change enough in resistance to be measured adequately.

I haven’t seen a way to do TCR values unfortunately. Nor have I figured out how to lock the coil resistance without the Escribe software. However, I’m not giving up. Will edit this article in the future if I do figure it out.

Another strange thing, I guess it’s a con. The mod allows the batteries to go down to 3.00 volts each before being unable to fire. This is dangerously low for an 18650, so, charge your batteries as soon as possible (This is adjustable in Escribe software, but the default setting for all dna 250c mods is a battery cutoff of 2.75 volts).

Those are about the only cons I can see with this mod, that, and, it’d be nice if it was dual 21700 !

Oh, and the manual that comes with the mod is awful, without detail, and oversimplified.


Centaurus Specs and Features:

Dimension: 91mm(H)x55mm(W)x26mm(D)
Weight: 173g
Chipset: Evolve DNA 250C chipset
Battery: Dual 18650 Battery(Not Included)
Power Range: 1-200W
Modes: VW / TC(Ni80, Ni90, Ti, SS316) / TCR / Bypass
Replay Mode
Screen: 0.90 inch color TFT display screen
Temperature Range: 200°F-600°F
Coil Resistance supported: 0.1Ω-3.0Ω
Coil Material supported: Nickel, Titanium, SS316, KA1, Ni80, Ni90
Body Material: Stainless Steels / Leather
Software: Escribe
Charging Port: Micro USB
USB On-The-Go power bank
Charging Current: 2A
Thread: 510


Here are all the different styles you can get :



I truly recommend this mod especially for temperature control enthusiasts. Man, what a vape.

Of course, it performs just awesome under Wattage Mode as well.

My overall rating from 1-5 is a solid 4.5, this is a really great mod.

I’ve heard some people complain about “button rattle”, but, the mod I got has no rattling. At all. The buttons are solid and do not wobble. The firing button has a small throw, but plenty clicky enough, and “breaks in” after just a few vapes.

That’s it, I’d say pick up this mod if you want a fabulous chip and a great look.

Click here to get your Centaurus at a great price, or click the image below !


Click the image to purchase your own Centaurus.



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