Crown 5 Review


Uwell has brought us another Crown tank, this time it’s the Uwell Crown 5.

Let’s just start right off with some specifications:

Material:Stainless Steel, Pyrex
Size(Standard Version):29mm(Diameter) x 50.5mm(Height)
Size(Childlock Version):29mm(Diameter) x 51mm(Height)
Tank Capacity:5ml
Filling Type:Quarter Turn Top Filling
Coil Specifications:FeCrAl UN2 0.23ohm Single Meshed Coil, suggested wattage is 65-70W
FeCrAl UN2-2 0.3ohm Dual Meshed Coil, suggested wattage is 50-55W
FeCrAl UN2-3 0.2ohm Triple Meshed Coil, suggested wattage is 65-70W
Colors:Silver, Black, Yellow, Grey, Red, Blue
Let’s take a look at a blue one:
So, let’s talk about what it’s got inside of it.
If you’re familiar with the Uwell Crown 4, you know it has unique condensation return system that minimizes leaking.
In addition, within the atomizer is the patented Pro Flavor Core Optimization System or Pro-FOCS for short.
These features are not new, they are available with Crown 4, its predecessor.
What IS new is the child-resistant top cap. I’ve heard rumors of a ‘standard’ version, but all of the US versions I’ve seen have been ‘CRC”…Child Resistant Care compliant versions.
You have to press down in order to open the cap.
Seemed like a tolerable feature, but I noticed there is no o-ring sealing the cap.
Yes, the fill port has a silicone flap but this hardly will keep juice inside.
Sadly, the tank leaked while on its side thru the night on its debut night here at the cabin.
The other new addition on the Crown 5, compared with the Crown 4, is the fill port.
The Crown 4 features large slots all the way around the top.
The Crown 5 has a smaller port with a silicone flap:
The other difference is, noticeably, the glass shape. It is wider and shorter. The atomizer itself is wider, too at 29mm. I believe the Crown 4 is 28mm.
Let’s see another image, this one is on top of my Odin250C mod:
All in all, it vapes well.
The coils for the Crown 5 are as follows:
0.23ohm Mesh Crown 5 Coil (65W – 70W) – provides the smoothest direct-lung hit while delivering excellent and rich flavor
0.3ohm Dual Mesh Crown 5 Coil (50 – 55W) – a restricted direct-lung vape, providing warmer vape and full flavor (not included in this kit)
0.2ohm Triple Mesh Crown 5 Coil (65W – 70W) – a slightly tight direct-lung vape producing delicious vapor and huge vapor production
The package includes the UN2 0.23ohm Coil and UN2-2 0.3ohm Coil.
My opinion ?
I personally prefer the Crown 4, for a few reasons.
I’m not fond of the leaky child-proof cap.
I prefer stainless steel (SS) coils to kanthal (all the coils for the Crown 5 are kanthal).
I enjoy using temperature control, which can’t be used with the Crown 5.
Also, the bubble glass appears to be less of a dangerous width on the Crown 4.
Here are the colors you can get in the Crown 5 in:
The tank vapes quite nicely, it’s comparable to the Crown 4, which I find to be excellent.
However, in my opinion, if you own the Crown 4, there isn’t much reason to get the Crown 5, unless you like the appearance better.
If you’re new to this type of atomizer, I must say, the flavor is amazing.
To get your Uwell Crown 5, CLICK HERE.

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