Coil Clout premium coils



If you’re like a lot of vapers, you don’t build your own coils.

For those of you with rebuildable atomizers, here’s an option that will meet your needs.

Coil Clout has been in business since 2017, and they continue to deliver a great product time and time again.

Be sure to use code VAPORNINJA to get a 10% discount at Coil Clout.

My favorite are his stainless steel aliens. There’s an image of them below.

Great customer service, quick delivery, and a quality USA made product. It’s hard not to love Coil Clout.

The flavor and performance of these coils are amazing !


Stainless steel aliens



Stainless steel fused claptons


My image of the stainless steel Alien by CoilClout




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Get some great coils !

Premium coils by Coil Clout !


Great cotton !

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