Let’s snap on some rubber gloves and sort out just some of the hot garbage that UC San Francisco dumped on the public curb this evening.

First up, the corrupt funding. This study is part of a grant that UCSF gets from FDA in the amount of $4 million per year. It’s been renewed every year since 2018.


That grant was written by Stanton Glantz, who was widely disgraced after retracting a rigged study falsely linking vaping to heart attacks. The money comes from the $800M FDA collects each year in tobacco user fees.

The researchers use similar chicanery here — conflating dual-users with exclusive use of nicotine vaping. They expect (correctly!) that mainstream journalists won’t explain that nuance which, of course, renders the entire work useless.

How many people in the study were exclusive nicotine vapers? That’d be 0.2 percent. Statistically meaningless, in other words. That figure is also our over/under on the number of national reporters that will inform the public of this deceit.

The researchers cite govt. figures that combustible smoking results in more than $160 billion in annual healthcare costs.

Reviews are in


“This is like claiming that the extra health expenditure incurred by people with broken legs is caused by using crutches.”


(written by American Vape Manufacturers 31 May 2022 taken from this tweet.)




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