Sai TAF concentrate vape review

The Sai TAF atomizer.


Okay, folks.

This is a REALLY impressive unit, with capabilities far more advanced than the previous Sai.
The unit offers more than just a Top Air Flow (TAF).
Also, the interior design is completely different than the previous model.
Let’s check it out.

This time, I got the black SS version, to match my mods, which are black. Like my Pico and my ipv4s.


On opening, you get spare o-rings , a dab tool, and the unit itself. Also an alternative diffuser/airflow disc.
Taking it apart, we see some new designs on the splash guard, and, of course, the top airflow function.

Splash guard with top mouthpiece/drip tip removed.

You’re thinking, “So ? All they did was add a top airflow?”
Not at all.

You see, the innovation comes with the included Titanium TA Bucket Coil, with optional Quartz TA Bucket Coil available.

This unique coil is a bucket that sits inside of an enormous ceramic heater. Therefore, with no airflow coming through the bucket, top airflow is necessary.

The bucket coil is truly revolutionary and is what is responsible for the flavorful, potent hits you get from this unit.

The Sai TAF comes pre-installed with the titanium TA bucket coil. We suggest picking up a quartz TA bucket coil when you get this, for the highest satisfactory experience. PuffItUp.Com has them in stock usually.

Another tool to get with your Sai TAF is the water tool.

Perfect fit, great action, no leaks. It really adds to the flavor and experience, cools down the vapor, and is extremely pleasurable.

Made of borosilicate glass, it’s pretty much a must-have, along with the quartz cup/bucket coil

Here’s what you get with your quartz cup:

So the locking ring holds the quartz cup in place, above the flat, thick ceramic heater coil.

The cup is removable, just as the titanium cup.

The quartz cup and titanium bucket are interchangeable. Some say the donut heater supplied with the titanium coil is superior regarding longevity, so they remove the quartz cup and ring, and install it into the heater that comes with the titanium bucket.



Different users have chimed in with their opinions of what settings to use on your mod with these coils.

Our supplier source claims that for the Quartz TA Bucket Coil, one should use TCR: 200 / 35W / Ω: 0.55 (Approx).

For the Titanium Bucket Coil and Quartz Bucket Coil, we recommend TCR #315 , 380 F, .68-72 ohm locked, at 38 watts.

If your mod does not have TCR numbers, we recommend using TC on ni-200, 38 watts, 380 F, .68-72 ohm locked resistance.

Remember, the TC is set to the LEGS of the coil, not the coil wire type.

For those of you who only have variable watttage (VW) mods, we recommend 30-35w power, but our source says 10-15w for each coil.

Have to say, the TC settings really bring out the true performance of this atomizer.

Hit the device slow and steady for that thick milk vapor.


This is mostly a LAYGO (Load As You Go) device. We’ve had luck with enuff material in there for 4 hits or so, but do not overload it thinking you’ll get flavorful hits every time. By the very nature of oil vaping, you will get reclaim tasting (no terpenes) oil.

The Quartz TA Bucket coil is barely visible at 1st use. Looks like a bit of glass or even plastic covering the ceramic heater.
No, there’s a quartz cup sitting in there, locked in by the removeable ring. The titanium bucket doesnt show up in pics very well either, as it is solid metal in there, covering the heater.

Pre-heat your material on a cold device. For about oh 3 seconds or so. As soon as u see a bit of vapor, place the top cap on, then the water tool attachment, being careful not to cover the airholes with the silicone. You just barely kinda put it on there, but it grabs.

Air tight seal with the supplied water tool. Really increaes the action all around.

Remember to ‘pulse’ on wattage. With TC, simply remember to pulse once before the common 10-second delay turns off the power sent to the coil.

Pulsing means, you click the fire button on your mod off/on to either reset the timer, or, to cool off the coil.

With an IR thermometer, we had readings of 640-680 F (338-360 C) from the cup at top heat. Amazing ! Perfect temp for dabs.

When using the water tool, do NOT cough into the device. This will cause water to escape (this is how you empty it) and will cause you grief.


If you’re familiar with Ti nails, or quartz bangers, et cetera, you know that they need cleaning after some use. The Sai TAF is cleaned pretty much the same way, with heat. Once you aren’t getting hits anymore, open the atomizer, and hold down your power/fire button.
Get it warmed up enough to see vapor, it’ll smell like reclaim. Heat it up good, let the vapor vanish, and wipe out with Q-tip.
That’s pretty much it on the 1st level, you will see it is  clear quartz again, the titanium may retain some stain, which can be removed by adding a drop of water and boiling it, then scraping with tool.

DO NOT OVERHEAT YOUR MOD. Many newer mods have an overheat protection in the chip. If there’s any high heat getting near your battery, remove the battery until your mod has cooled down. Don’t hurt yourself. This can get really hot during cleaning.

The coil takes it ! Yes , we’ve cleaned ours this way many times, and the coil lives on. This is only the 1st step towards a total cleaning however.

You can unscrew coil with the handy finger grips on top of the coil. If you can’t unscrew it, heat up the mod, and  you’ll prolly be able to spin it just fine.
Then, on the quartz  coil, there is a ring u can unscrew which will release the quartz cup itself for cleaning. Also the housing unit can be cleaned. We recommend using 99% isopropyl alcohol. We do not recommend ‘soaking’ your bottom heater coil, as it has an o-ring that may deteriorate with exposure to iso.

However, if you notice, you will see how oil ‘creeps up’ quartz, it literally defies  gravity and climbs up the side of the cup. There’s a name for this action that I can’t remember. Anyway, if you overload it, you may find some has travelled so far as to overflow the cup and a small bit gets into the heater core. Tough choice. To clean with iso and possibly get o-ring damaged ? I say leave it, if its not making reclaim vapor. If it is, q-tip and iso will help you.

With the titianium, more heat is required to clean the cup. Honestly, once we tried the quartz we didn’t go back to the titanium, so our experience with the Ti bucket is more limited than with the quartz.

The top section, which includes the splash guard, can be soaked in iso, it is all metal. We’ve noticed much less splash-back with the titanium bucket.


We talked about the water tool and the quartz cup.
However , included in the box is a titanium disc :

We believe this is an optional airflow diffuser which can screw into the top piece of the Sai TAF.
I found it to be too restrictive, so we installed the tiny metal tube back in as it came. Don’t lose the little tube !


(The Sai TAF comes in a kit at PuffItUp.Com with the Pico mod. See the review for the Pico mod here.)


Vaping in the country. Aw yeah.

So, let’s wrap up this review.

Conclusion / Cons

There are only two cons with this atomizer that I’ve experienced with much use.

One, which is obvious and not really a problem, is the heat it generates when cleaning the bucket.

Two, the real issue, is, our unit arrived with an extremely tight airflow adjustment. Set it where I liked it, thankfully, because, even after a deep cleaning, the airflow adjustment is now locked in place. Not an issue, because I just set it to wide open and have left it there. Might be an issue if you were wanting to change the flow between hits.

The other ‘con’ is regarding the water tool. It’s good boro glass, but the edge piece, where it meets the atomizer, is a bit thin. Don’t drop it !

All in all I have to say, this is the best concentrate experience aside from a dab rig I’ve ever had. In fact, it’s almost BETTER.

Please visit our affiliate,, with this special link to help fund our site at no cost to you.

Vaping on !


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Friday, July 5th, 2019 at 11:15pm
@eaze Vaping is indeed the future.
Smoke has carbon, and is responsible for most lung problems resulting from combustion.
I suggest investing in a GOOD herb vape, at least $100-200 vape.
The others simply combust the herbs.
So many ppl dislike vaping bcuz they tried a bad device.
Friday, July 5th, 2019 at 3:44pm
@Kelpalots @DJColonelCorn A meta-study (I think around 2012) estimated that at the time ~17,000 people/year (in the US) died from complications arising out of internal gastrointestinal bleeding events thought to have been caused by NSAIDs.
(Thanks to Lightning on Disqus for this)
Yes, @Kelpalots, they do
Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019 at 6:11am
@KnowNicotine Vaping, whether done by a teen human or adult, has been shown to be practically harmless. While crying "Save The Children" they banned e-cigs, but not tobacco, in San Francisco recently. Saving the teens from the awful vape. Yeah. They also claim adults do not like flavors. Sure.
Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019 at 6:07am
@KnowNicotine Not happy with this teaser.
It's about, and labelled as, the "teen vaping 'epidemic'".
I'd rather my teen vape than smoke and get disease.
This is not why I donated. This 'teen epidemic' is their excuse to ban vaping.
"Save The Children!" they cry. When it's really about taxes.
Sunday, June 30th, 2019 at 6:30pm
"and from online retail..." .. how, exactly, well the enforce THIS I wonder....
Sunday, June 30th, 2019 at 12:38am
@Kpascuch My old home town has a lot to learn.
First came the flavor ban, now an outright ban on all e-cigs.
I can't believe at this stage of the game we're going backwards.
After all the progress we've made.
My DOCTOR even, has finally decided she approves of VAPING as she can see results
TheVaporNinja photo
Sunday, June 30th, 2019 at 12:32am
@Kpascuch Sad.
I was just in Oakland, California.
They couldn't sell me vape liquid.
Of course, the tobacco was readily available.
As an ex-smoker I find that insulting.
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Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 at 7:56am
@KnowNicotine @Biebert @ThirdLineFilms @JenniBiebertMKE @JimiJakeShaw uh.... all of California isn't like what you saw... next time, come up North and see the redwoods !
All the best, Aaron. <3

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