Hubble Bubble and Bottomless Banger review


The Divine Tribe Hubble Bubble


Greetings !

Here we have two of Divine Tribe’s latest releases, the Hubble Bubble (pictured above) and the Bottomless banger (pictured below).

These tools go with the Divine Tribe V4 Quartz Crucible, as well as the Sai TAF Atomizer.


The Hubble Bubble

With the custom made silicone adapter, made for the Hubble Bubble,  your V4 will gurgle deep and hearty.

No splash-back, no hassle, easy to fill and empty, and a nice portable size.

Here it is on top of the V4:


The Divine Tribe Hubble Bubble on top of the V4


So, I’ve been enjoying this.

Hand-held, very nice smooth rounded edges, great glass work. Makes it easily portable. More portable, than say, your Bottomless Banger.

Speaking of which….


Bottomless Banger

Welcome to the Bottomless Banger.

This tool basically turns your V4 or Sai TAF into a dab rig experience. Well, close to it.

With the included directional twist carb cap, it makes the v4 deliver a steady flow of vapor into your waterpipe.

Here’s a shot of it:


Divine Tribe Bottomless Banger on the Sai TAF with Toro rig and RX2 20700 mod


That’s the 90 degree version. There’s also a 45 degree version (pictured below).

They’re fine quality, although made of glass, not quartz, as quartz isn’t really necessary for this application.

It’s truly awesome how this banger performs.

Here’s a shot of it on the V4:


Divine Tribe Bottomless Banger on the DT V4, beaker bong, and RX2 20700 mod


Ready with a load.

Now, this is important: use the black O-rings that come with the Bottomless Banger, on your v4 atomizer.

Using any other O-ring can result in breakage of the banger. You were warned.


It’s been a real pleasure to use these, both the Hubble Bubble and Bottomless Banger, and I highly recommend them for V4 or Sai TAF users.

To get your Bottomless Banger click HERE, for the Hubble Bubble click HERE ! For the silcone adapter click HERE.


Divine Tribe Bottomless Banger with v4 Quartz Crucible, Odin DNA 250c box mod, and beaker bong


See, it’s even tough enough to hold up an Odin 250c box mod.

All the best !



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